Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

I have SOOOO many wonderful baby shower gift ideas that I decided to write a blog on them. I am going to post my TOP 4 ideas.

  1. FOOD– Honestly, any type of food is SOOO appreciated. Don’t even worry about whether or not they will like what you are bringing. Trust me they WILL like any & all food because after you have a baby you’re too tired to think & you will eat ANYTHING. Frozen pre-made meals are wonderful and quick OR fresh cut up veggies or fruit OR muffins OR energy balls. Because honestly, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding you usually only have one hand to eat so quick pre-cut up snacks are SUPER helpful. Not having to worry about what you’re going to make for dinner takes a lot of stress off your plate. Or if you’re really unsure of what food to bring, just purchase a gift card to a restaurant that delivers, Chef’s Plate or Revive Organics (Frozen pre-made superfood smoothies- use code: Kathleen50). I truly would have preferred having food over any cute outfit or
  2. BREASTFEEDING COOKIES– If the person you are buying for is planning on breastfeeding it is SUCH a good idea to make some breastfeeding cookies. This really truly helps increase your milk supply and it’s quick and easy to eat. There are a lot of crappy recipes on the internet, trust me I have tried a few of them. So I am going to post the best recipe that I have found. Also, if you are in the Saskatoon area you can purchase breastfeeding cookies from Cravings called “MilkinMore.” milkin2.jpg
  3. HAIR TREATMENT- Ok so as a mom we ALL know how exhausted we are and how we no longer have time to ourselves. Well I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a gift card for a hair blowout treatment so that mom can have an hour to herself to relax and come out with fresh hair. During this treatment you hair is washed and dried and styled. The purpose of this treatment is to help repair dead ends. If you are in the Saskatoon area I highly recommend going to Sage the Beauty Bar and booking with Brandee Friesen (cost is about 65$).ahaaiiirr.jpg
  4. CLEANER– Ok so last but not least, purchasing a gift card for a cleaner to come in once or twice is extremely helpful. I enjoy having a clean home & it really bothered me when I couldn’t physically clean my own house. So this would have been such a great gift!

I hope that this blog has provided you with some wonderful ideas! I promise you that whomever you are buying a baby shower gift for will love one of these four ideas!

Kathleen 🙂

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