Lunch Ideas

Lunch ideas!

Because who doesn’t love quick & easy lunch ideas?

If you’re like me, lunch is a STRUGGLE.

I have collected a bunch of simple lunch ideas from my followers and I have put them together in this blog to hopefully help some of you! This is just a basic point form list, but I find it helpful to have on hand because I always run out of ideas1

Some quick tips:
Cook a big batch of chicken in crockpot & shred & freeze
Make a veggie tray every Sunday
Freeze soups for lunches
Make a big batch of quinoa for the week to add to wraps or soups or salads

Salad ideas:
– Bagged salad with pre-cooked chicken on top
Salad with cucumbers, avocado, hemp hearts, goat cheese etc.
Chicken salad- chicken, pecans, apples, mayo, celery & craisins.

Wraps and/or Quesadillas
-Egg salad veggie wraps
-chicken wraps
-cheese & veggie quesadillas

– Hummus, crackers, veggies, cheese, lunch meat
– apples & peanut butter
yogurt & granola
cottage cheese, meat of any kind, triscuits, cheese, veggies & dip
boiled eggs
rice cakes with mashed avocado, sprouts, and hummus (can also add tuna and a tomato on top with some cheese and melt in the oven)
Starbucks protein box inspiration: hard boiled eggs, fruit, cheese, some multigrain bagel with peanut butter; brie with crackers, buts, cooked chicken or salami, and veggies.
chickpea/spinach patties from Costco

-taco bowl
-mediterranean bowl
-random bowl: quinoa, peppers, cucumbers, onions, with feta and balsamic glaze (Nona brand from Costco)

If you have any other great lunch ideas, please send them my way!!

Kathleen 🙂

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