Ever EVOLVING thinking process…

So you might have read my blog posts from last year or even the year before that. I often spoke about how you need to maintain neutral posture and specific breathing patterns. Back then I truly believed that you needed to do these things in order to heal. Now I am not saying that they aren’t helpful, but I find that many women feel if they don’t do things “perfectly” that they are to blame when they have a very symptomatic day, and that’s not the case at all.

YES, breath and posture helped me find ways to become symptom free, but maintaing neutral posture all the time and specific breathing patterns just isn’t realistic.

You might be panicking now because you were hoping that there was a specific formula to healing, but there isn’t and it took me a while to understand that.

I am not going to delete my old blog posts because those thoughts I had were the thoughts that truly helped me in those moments, but I am constantly educating myself and evolving.

This is what I currently believe about becoming symptom free:

  1. If I have symptoms while exercising I look at my breath and positioning and I try something different. For example, if I feel heavy when doing hip thrusts, I might try to exhale or inhale at different times or change my position from the ground to the couch. I try different things to see what works. Usually a change in position or breathing pattern truly helps. Don’t get discouraged, just “TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT” (Antony Lo, women’s health physical therapist)
  2. Pelvic floor physical therapy is #1 in helping you heal. Find a pelvic floor pt that is proactive, will help you achieve your goals and provide you with hope. If your pt does not do this, FIND A NEW ONE!
  3. Pessary ring can definitely be useful in helping you become symptom free. It truly helped me! Having said that, it might not be for everyone!
  4. Progress your way into your workouts. So for example, I started out doing deadlifts without weight & as I learned how to do these without having symptoms I started adding weights in.
  5. Trust your body and you brain.
  6. Learning to manage your pressure system in your body is HUGE. It was a huge role in my healing. I find that at this point in my journey holding my breath puts lots of pressure on my pelvic floor so I try to exhale when I am exerting force. This is something that helps me a lot. Like when I am lifting my 3 year old, I usually exhale and do a little kegel. This works for me and helps me. If you hold your breath before the pressure in your body often goes to your weakest link, which for me is my prolapse (yes I healed my original prolapse, but after my second baby I have another one) (Information from Julie Wiebe, women’s health physical therapist).
  7. Don’t be scared of movement. We move everyday all of the time. Exercise functionally like squats, deadlifts, lunges etc… practice movements that you use in everyday life.
  8. Everyone is individual, so what works for you might not work for someone else. Use your body’ signals to help you figure out which breath patterns and movement patterns work for you!
  9. Also, most of us have a pelvic floor that is too tight! So learning to relax our pelvic floor is very helpful!

Remember that this is what I found to work for me and what I believe, it doesn’t mean you have to do or follow what I am saying! 🙂

I hope some of this helps in some way!

Kathleen (mommainspiration)

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