Why exercise HELPED me heal.

Why did exercising help me in healing my DR & Prolapse?

Why did sitting around resting make my symptoms persist?

My husband and I were chatting about this on the way to the lake. I was asking him how I can possibly explain this so that it makes sense and he thought of the word “Instinctual.” I will come back to this word once I’m done explaining.

I was diagnosed with a prolapse around 5 months postpartum (grade 1 recteole & cysteole) & my DR around 3 months pp. So I sat around resting until about 9 months pp while doing “pelvic floor safe” exercises (ew… who states what is safe or not… we are individual). I decided that I was tired of not being able to move in the ways I loved to, I was tired of being scared, I was tired of this depression. Most of all I was tired of the fact that resting & doing these so-called pelvic floor safe exercises were not helping reduce my symptoms.

I found Julie Wiebe’s program shortly after this. Her program taught me that exercise was not the enemy. It wasn’t the bad guy. But instead it was what was going to help me. I remember speaking to MamaLionStrong around the same time. I remember asking her if I should start squatting and deadlifting and lunging… Her response was priceless, “Do you pick up your children? Do you lift groceries? Do you clean?” I said yes of course. Her response was, “Well then you’re deadlifting and squatting and lunging and lifting heavy weight all day everyday anyways.” That was the day things changed for me.

I learned that I needed to train for function. I needed to “teach” my prolapse & DR how to prepare myself for the demands of my daily life. If I was lifting heavy weight (groceries, stroller, kids), squatting, lunging, deadlifting everyday already then why couldn’t I practice these exercises in a workout? Why was I holding myself back? If I was still experiencing symptoms in my daily activities, it was obviously because my brain didn’t know how to help my pelvic floor meet these demands. My pelvic floor and core was like, “WTF the Kathleen, you expect me to know how to effectively pick up your child or groceries when you don’t practice this with me? How the hell am I supposed to know what to do when you lift a stroller when you don’t teach me how to lift heavy weight properly? Are you just going to expect me to know how? Would you just expect your child to know how to ride a bike without practicing first?”

I bet your pelvic floor is saying this to you. Your pelvic floor is probably yelling at you to train functionally. So that your daily movements become “instinctual” for your brain & your body. As Julie Wiebe says, “Train your brain first,” and then these effective strategies become automatic.



Link to Julie Wiebe’s program:


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