Small Changes…

Becoming more aware…

Once I was educated on the importance of breathe & alignment I started to become more aware of my daily movements & how I was doing them. For example I started to think about how was I breathing or standing while I was vacuuming, holding my son, carrying groceries, sitting in my car, doing the dishes, brushing my teeth, watching tv, carrying the car seat, pushing the stroller etc. I know you’re probably thinking, holy crap that’s a lot to think about, aren’t we busy enough? BUT I promise it’s a lot easier than you think.

When I became more aware, I started to implement small changes. These small changes then became habits. I started with working on my posture while I was brushing my teeth in the morning & night. Yes, it was only 4 minutes a day, but it was much better than nothing. Then I started to work on relaxing my abs/belly while I was brushing my teeth. So for 4 minutes a day I was relaxing my belly & working on my alignment at the same time. Then I started to think about how I was holding my son while I was rocking him, pushing him in the stroller, & picking him up.

There were days when I wanted to give up, when I was felt like a failure because I didn’t practice enough. On those days I tried to remind myself that it’s ok, it’s ok to forget, it’s ok not to practice all the time. The important thing is that I WAS becoming more aware of my breathe, my posture while lifting my pelvic floor (kegel). I was implementing small changes, no matter how slow they seemed.

The purpose of this blog is to tell you that it’s ok not to be perfect. It’s ok NOT to practice your breathe & alignment all the time. The important thing is that you are becoming aware of your movements & the strategies that you are using to do them. The more aware you become, the more you begin to implement change & the more you are able to figure out which daily activities are creating symptoms for you.

These are some daily movements that I tried to focus on doing with piston breathing & neutral alignment. I want you to think critically about how you are doing these activities? Are you squeezing your abs, are you holding your breathe, are you tucking your bum in, are you using your hip to hold your child? ETC.

  1. Picking up my son off the floor
  2. Putting my son in his crib
  3. Picking up toys
  4. Wiping the table
  5. Doing the dishes
  6. Putting on a bath for my son
  7. Driving
  8. Carrying the car seat
  9. Picking up groceries
  10. Putting away groceries
  11. Walking
  12. Pushing the stroller
  13. Lifting the stroller in and out of the truck
  14. Cooking
  15. Sitting & watching TV

#There is so much hope

****This blog was inspired by a conversation that two exercise specialists (Haley Shevener & Brianna Battles) had on our prolapse fitness group.


Link to Julie Wiebe’s program:

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