Piston breathing while squatting

Piston breathing is essential to healing if you have a prolapse, ab separation, incontinence etc. It’s also extremely important to implement for ALL women while pregnant and postpartum. It’s important to have a balanced core system to heal effectively. Piston breathing IS needed to have a balanced core system. Here I am demonstrating an example of piston breathing.

On the way down: I inhale into my belly and ribs (not my chest) and I relax my pelvic floor. (I can feel it relaxing. I imagine both anal/vaginal opening are relaxing down).

On the way up: I lift my pelvic floor (kegal) and exhale once I get to the bottom, before I head back up. I exhale the whole way up while my pelvic floor is lifted.

*** remember that your inhale breathe is just as important as your exhale breathe.

There is so much hope 💙

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