Changes that occur during pregnancy

Our core system is made up of transverse abs (deepest abs), multifidus (lower back muscle), pelvic floor (group of muscles housed in our pelvis), and diaphragm (housed in ribcage). While we are pregnant we experience changes in our core system. Our transverse abs are stretched out to make room for our baby/babies, which can lead to diastasis recti. Our pelvic floors become stretched out because they have extra weight to carry around, which can cause pelvic floor dysfunctions. Our diaphragm doesn’t move as freely as it should and this is why can be short of breathe while we are pregnant. If ONE part of our core system isn’t working as it should, then the system becomes imbalanced. Just like when one part of our vehicle malfunctions, like a tire pops, the vehicle becomes imbalanced and it needs to be fixed. After we deliver a baby, we need to retrain our core systems to work properly again.

Vocabulary above:

Diastasis recti– ab separation, happens to 2/3 women, and can create the “mummy tummy.”

Pelvic floor dysfunction: includes peeing your pants when you sneeze or jump, prolapse (parts down below shift or potentially fall out), pelvic pain, diastasis recti etc.

Core system– transverse abs, diaphragm, multifidus, and pelvic floor


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